They say the third time’s a charm and that’s what I’m hoping.

I started this blog a few months ago, registered the domain, started blogging away and then mysteriously got locked out. I couldn’t figure it out and I couldn’t get in. As I usually do when I can’t figure something out, I enlisted the help of someone smarter than me. He wasn’t able to figure out what was going on either. Then just as mysteriously, on a whim one day I decided to try logging in and – it worked! I was about to log in, make a post, and then…I was locked out again. I just got so frustrated with the whole thing that I decided to delete it altogether and start again. The blog was still young so I didn’t lose a lot of content. So now I’m trying again.

New year, new blog!

Gah! New year already! Where did 2014 go?! My mom once told me that life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer you get to the end, the faster it goes! Man is that ever true!

I don’t make resolutions on New Year’s Eve because I know that I never keep them. Plus I try not to be cliche…I said I try. But that doesn’t always work out either! But goals! Goals I do. They may change and come and go and adapt and bend and flex…but I always have goals. So I figure I better set some good ones and get to moving on them instead of sitting around wasting a lot of precious time!

So, Goals for January…

1. Begin and make a habit of a daily Bible reading plan.

Good Morning Girls January Bible Reading Plan

Good Morning Girls January Bible Reading Plan

Over at the Women Living Well blog, Courtney has  launched a new Bible reading plan starting in Exodus for  the new year. I have started a Bible reading plan a half a  million several times and it’s time to get serious. Not just  with reading through the Bible but also with Bible study  and prayer. So this month will be my month to make that a  new habit. I’m going to commit to 15 minutes every day until it becomes a habit and then I will up it to 30.

2. Learn the books of the Bible

This is a judgement free zone! I realized the other day that I have literally relied on the tabs on the side of my Bible to find my place every time and because of that I have never learned the books in their order. It sounds like a small thing until you are sitting in church with a new Bible and you can’t find your place because you don’t know where the heck Haggai is in the Bible! And seriously, show of hands, who knows where Haggai is anyway?!

3. To bring my lunch to work 3 times per week at least.

Not only is this a month for getting my posterior in gear in the faith and reflection department, I also need to start saving some serious moo-lah! I also have done some self diagnosis and found that my headaches appear (in my completely unprofessional opinion) to be caused from the exorbitant amount of junk I eat. I have been home for two weeks for the holidays and have made a habit of eating homemade food with less than 5 ingredients. For the first time in almost 5 months…I was headache free. Yes, you read that right and no, it is not an exaggeration – the first time. I have literally had ONE perpetual headache for the last 4.5 months. I have been to the doctor, told to limit activity until they can figure out the cause, etc. I’m not totally cured and will still be trying to figure out what is going on with the doc’s help but it can’t hurt to eat a little better anyway. I managed to lose about 5 lbs! Over the HOLIDAYS!!!! So there!

I have a few other small goals for this month but these are the ones that I will be giving my main attention to.

So this new blog…

…is about sewing, and fashion, and life…and random things. At least that’s why I started it. It is subject to change as we go but it’s guaranteed to be interesting at any rate.

If you are reading this then I hope you will stick around, make yourself at home and come along on the journey. Thanks for stopping by.


I would love to hear from you!

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