It’s Time to Begin!


Yesterday kicked off our January read through the Bible challenge in Exodus 1 with Courtney over at Women Living Well! I don’t know why but I am really excited about the opportunity to do this and to read through the Bible with some awesome ladies…that I just met! It seems really weird but I have had the opportunity to cross paths with some pretty awesome people in the last couple weeks! It has been neat to step out and meet some new folks who share some of my interests and life happenings. …That is going to be increasingly important in the coming months…

Well I have started off well in my January goals! I have been reading and journaling like I said I would AND {drumroll please!} I have packed my lunch for10919595_331321003731761_617449309_n the last two days! If you knew me well enough you would really throw some applause my way because I do not plan that far in advance when it comes to stuff like that! But I have enjoyed fixing my lunch and it has been pretty awesome to know that I’m eating good stuff for lunch and not fast food or whatever I grab between running errands on the lunch hour. {Pats herself on the back approvingly} I’m really enjoying my new bentgo box so that helps.

So…today…when no one was looking…I snuck some time on Pinterest to find my next sewing/blog project and I found a couple pretty good weekend projects that I can do quickly. I need to get back in the swing of things and get this party started again. Plus I just feel myself going stir crazy…that might not be the lack of girl time though… 🙂

Sewing project coming soon!!!


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