Back in the saddle…

I’m excited to be getting back in the shop today!!!


And excited to be blogging about it. You may have noticed, but I haven’t written or been in the shop in a very long time! So much business, not enough me time!

It’s been icy here for the last week only rising above freezing once! I feel bad for the northerners drowning in snow but this ice has been no joke!

Hubby has gone out to light the kerosene heater to give it time to start taking the edge off the cold out there. It’s only 25 degrees outside right now. So I’m in the market for a mini-split. While the kerosene heater will work fine for the small space, the fumes will invariably cause me to have a headache. And it’s a new heater so it’s not leaking or anything it’s just me. 😜 I use a window unit in the summer but it was meant to be a temporary fix and it doesn’t seal in the window very well so the dust comes in and gets…everywhere. Hopefully a mini split will alleviate those problems and make it an even more pleasant place to go as well as make it easier to get out there more.

I have a few Pinterest projects I want to work on and at least get started on today to try to get back in the groove.


I would love to hear from you!

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