Who Is a Horrible Blogger? This Girl!

bad bloggerI’m a horrible blogger. I realize this. I keep hoping that since I am aware of this fact, I will move on to step 2 in the Recovery Process and realize that only a higher power can fix my issues. I don’t think it’s Him, it’s definitely me.

I have been working in the shop like a Trojan this week! Unfortunately, I have been pretty lame in the picture taking category. We’ll call it just being laser focused on completing a kilt project for the Kilt Run coming up this weekend in Goldsboro sponsored by The Flying Shamrock…my fave little Irish pub downtown! I won’t be running because, well frankly, I’ll be asleep…hopefully. The kilt is definitely not a professional job but it’ll do in a pinch. I have learned a lot about kilts in the process though which has been pretty cool! I never really thought about the traditions and the methods behind why it is made the way it is. I’ve been reading about the tartan and the patterns that represent the clans-pretty awesome.

Working in a hurry certainly has not done anything to help the disorganization status in the shop, WOW! Just…wow. So maybe this weekend between Stats homework, birtsorry largehday parties, and revival planning I’ll be able to get in there and truly clean out some stuff. My sibs came a couple weekends ago and looted the place so cleaning up in the aftermath might not be so daunting.

Tonight is the night to finish the kilt so I will make sure that I get some pictures on here for next time. Here’s to restarting and rebuilding the blog…again! (I sound like I don’t enjoy doing this…but I do! Which makes it all the more crazy that I am no better at it an I am!) I really do want to change that and to make this a great place to check in…even if it’s just me! So buckle up and let’s see where it goes!


4 thoughts on “Who Is a Horrible Blogger? This Girl!

  1. mkbsmith says:

    Sometimes starting over isn’t a bad thing. I love the redesign! I am also looking forward to living vicariously through your sewing projects since mine is collecting dust!!! Oooo… We NEED to have a “Sewing Bee” and team up Blog Style!!


    • Jessica Lynn says:

      Thanks! I realized in this last project that it has been a while since I have sewn and it shows…but it has been almost therapeutic this week with all the other stressers going on. I am totally down for a crafty linkup ma’am! Throw some ideas at me! 🙂


  2. Briick by Briick says:

    Jessica, I feel your pain and I too an a horrible blogger and sewer of late….although I did complete some projects with my daughter for her nursery….I agree with Mackenzie we need to do a Sewing Bee! That would be soooo fun….let’s do it!!

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