The Kilt Is Done!

The kilt is finished!!! Whew! It was an endeavor but it was totally worth it! I learned a lot, my customer had a great time at his run, and I got some publicity! I was totally lame at taking pictures throughout the process though and only really thought about it at the end. So…enjoy.


Learning from the last one and doing a little more research on how others were made, I added an elastic band on the back of this one. I secured it on the back from side to side to cinch it a little and help it be a little more flexible for running.


 Even though it’s a little “lopsided” I’m pretty impressed with my first real attempt at a single-welt pocket. I know they are not very complicated but it’s the first one that I have made so I was a little nervous! It turned out well I think. I made it 6.5″ long by 4.5″ inches deep so that it could fit an iphone and some cash/cards. The pocket is sewn into the lining band of the front apron.


 Totally random but I was pleased with how the “stretch stitch” turned out at the bottom of the pocket. Because this is flannel, it frays very easily so I needed to make sure that the bottom was finished to prevent that from happening as much as possible. I do not have a surger so a friend of mine told me about using this stitch instead and it worked like a charm!


This is the inside of the pleats after I cut the bulk out. One of the patterns I was reading called for a lining on the inside and when I was thinking about it, it made total sense. I did not put this in the previous kilt that I made and I think it might have been more “finished” looking had I taken that step. I cut the extra fabric out of the tops of the pleats to make room for it. Word of wisdom…watch how deep you cut the pleats…it’s easy to leave a hole. Just sayin’…


This is after the lining was in place. I did not finish the seams on the cuts I made in the pleats because the lining covers that so it’s not a problem. This helped it to lay a lot better in the back. and be much more comfortable. Genius!

IMG_3267 Pardon the white hook & loop strips! In a perfect world I would have used black but this is what was on hand and it was hidden anyway so it turned out OK.

IMG_1021 I always love the pleats when they are laid out! This is probably one of the more tedious and time consuming parts of kilt making. I learned about “setts” and “pleats” and the length of different types of kilts! Being careful to contain the nerd within I will say that some of the stuff I learned about the history of kilt making has been pretty awesome and I am actually looking forward to making the next one!

IMG_3261 The back of the kilt with the pleats!

IMG_1028 All done! Still had to make the sash and sock flashes at this point but you can see that below.

IMG_1044 And here is my model after the Kilt Run at The Flying Shamrock!

I can’t lie and say that I was not pretty freaking excited (and very proud) when I got this picture. This is only the 3rd project I have done from start to finish designed for someone to actually wear!

Goldsboro Daily News posted an awesome photo gallery of the event too! I guess next year I will have to make myself a kilt and participate in the run!

I neglected to take pictures of the sock flashes after I made them but I got a tutorial from the forums at here.

We did have a small wardrobe malfunction with the sock flashes by the end of the race but I know what happened so I know what to do differently next time.

Overall, SUCCESS!!!


4 thoughts on “The Kilt Is Done!

  1. Jana says:

    This is amazing. Since I have seen the one episode in TGBSB, where they made kilts, I so wanna make one for my better half. 🙂 I will come back to you then. 😉 And I can totally understand how proud you are that someone else is wearing a garment that you made. Well done. Best wishes from Toronto, Jana


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