The Newest Toy!

Well this week has been a busy week! I left a couple clues this week about something special coming to the shop and the something special arrived! Early I might add!!!

You may have seen these pictures on my IG!!! The first little “Easter Egg” of what was to come! The story goes like this…

I made a friend this past week. A friend that had an awesome toy. (For the record we were friends before I found out she had just great taste in craft toys!!!) Friend told me all about said awesome toy and all the things that said awesome toy can do… Well if you’ve known me more than 10 minutes, you know that when I get excited about something and I get an idea in my head…well I can’t help myself! So I had to have one of my own said awesome toys! So I searched the eBay and I found one!!! I found one with some extras!!! I found one, with some extras, for cheaper than I could get just the awesome toy at the retailer! “Snag it up,” you say? Snag it up, I did!!!

I waited just a couple days until, before the scheduled deliver date, it arrived at my door!



IT’S A SILHOUETTE CAMEO2!!! So excited!!!



 (I’m not sure why the pictures are so blurry other than my photo skills sometimes leave something to be desired. So, my apologies.)

The package that I ordered came with the Cameo and a heat transfer starter kit. I also bought a vinyl starter kit from Joann’s a couple days before it arrived. The vinyl kit came with a DVD, an idea book and 5 different colors of vinyl. The heat transfer kit came with 5 different sheets of heat transfer material, a DVD and an idea book. Now I’m all…

So I broke it out and cut out a stencil to etch a class baking dish I had.

Turned out pretty decent, I must say.

I keep thinking of neat things I can do with it and projects I want to make. As if I needed something else to help me procrastinate doing stats homework…smh.

But for now I’m off to “work on stats” 🙂 But I’ll leave you with this….


I desperately need something in my office to make it look…I don’t know…like a human works there instead of a robot. I saw this arrangement on Pinterest (shocked?) and decided it is perfect. Hopefully I can get it made sometime this week and stick it in there to liven up the place. What do you think?


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