Choosing a Quilt

For some strange reason I have become fascinated with quilting all the sudden. I have always had an interest but this has begun to border on an obsession.

Saturday I went with my mom and sisters to a quilt exhibit in downtown Goldsboro. It was really neat to hear about the quilts and their histories. The experts there could look at the fabric and the pattern and give an idea of the time period and where it came from. It was amazing to see these quilts that were over 100, some even 150 years old and what great condition they were in. The best part was talking to some of the women after the presentation! Most of them were from Wayne County and they brought in quilts that had been handed down to them. They told all kinds of stories about the quilts and the women who had passed them along. The different fabrics and patterns were interesting to see. The most amazing part though, was how well they had held up through the years! Especially when you consider that when a quilt was crafted more than 100 years ago, it was created for use not for art. These women had pre-Civil War quilts and quilts that, besides being slightly faded in areas or mildly yellowed over time, were still in tact with little fabric breakage or wear. And when you think about the fact that they had done these by hand…well it adds a new meaning to the words tenacity and dedication to your craft. There is a lot of detail work in a quilt. These are some of my favorites…

I love the imperfections – when the squares don’t quite match up or the stitches are slightly uneven.      
I learned a lot about quilts and it made me even more interested to continue to learn. Since we have started our monthly craft-a-thon, we have decided to put a quilt together to sell at the Harvest Sale at church in October. (That was part of the reason for the visit to the exhibit) When we got home we looked through Pinterest for a quilt pattern and settled on a pretty table runner pattern from

table runner pic

We decided to go with a kit since this will be the first quilt we have attempted and we are on limited time. I know that you can find anything on the internet but you can actually purchase quilt patterns and the fabric in one package online. This one comes with a download for the pattern, all the fabric, batting and backing required. All you need is the thread and something to cut it with. Well, obviously you have to sew and quilt it.

After the exhibit, we went to eat and then walked around downtown for a bit. Look at the fossil I found in the Habitat Restore! My mom said it’s just like the one she worked on when she was at the sewing factory in La Grange years ago. I thought it was pretty cool.


I learned a lot of interesting things yesterday about quilting and a few other things. Can’t wait to see how the quilt turns out when it comes in and we get started. Maybe it will be the start of an annual tradition with my sisters and mom!


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