Breaking in the Silhouette!

Oh what a week! Last week was super busy and this week has proven to be almost as busy! Plus the week before Spring Break so there is so much to get accomplished before having a few days off of work for Easter. Thankfully, I had today, Good Friday, off and will have Monday off as well. I am debating on taking Tuesday and/or Wednesday off too since hubby will be home those days. He has to go back Thursday and Friday for make up days due to the winter weather from earlier in the year. Oh decisions, decisions!

Today has been a busy learning day! I have worked on the Silhouette the majority of the day learning how to create different things, learning functions and buttons, as well as learning how to do a video!!! Look out! There may be a random tutorial or just plain random video coming up!!!

I scanned several blogs today for information and tutorials but I learned a lot from two especially. Ken over at Ken’s Kreations has a great YouTube video on the PixScan technology for the Silhouette and how to use it. I called Joann’s and Michael’s and they did not have one in stock so I ordered my PixScan mat from Amazon, Silhouette PixScan Cutting Mat for use with CAMEO, as well as a couple other odds and ends. I also picked up some serious beginner pointers from Maureen over at Coconut Love! She has some great screenshots and good instructions on what certain functions do. I also have learned a few good pointers from my sweet friend Mackenzie over at Crafty Bonds! She provides truly spectacular customer service and demonstrates a great deal of patience with my random questions at even more random times. Thanks Mackenzie! 🙂

Most of my friends have little girls so I am inundated with little girl stuff all the time (which is totally cute y’all so keep it comin’!) but not a lot of little boy swagger. But I have seen posts lately on the fb about little girls and their “birthday tutu” or “birthday dress” or “birthday outfit” and…well you get it. So I had the thought to modify the idea for a boy. Well LM is all into Monster trucks – namely Big Foot – so why not make him his very own monster truck birthday party t-shirt! He’ll be 4 so I figure I’ll put his name on the front with a monster truck and a big “4” on the back. I decided to go with a different font after this picture was taken but I think it’s a pretty good start!

Putting my new Silhouette Design skills to work!

I figure I’ll make the Lettering in black and then cut the wheels out of some shiny/leathery/rubbery material and the truck out of blue fabric to make an applique.

If you have not picked up your Silhouette Cameo yet, please consider using my Amazon Affiliate Link!!!

Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Machine Starter Bundle

Well at some point I need to figure out when I’m going to make my next big project! Since I tend to flourish in “trial by fire” situations, I have decided to sew my own bathing suit for the summer. I found this cute pattern online at OhSewTennessee on Etsy!

I am a member of a sewing tutorials and tips group on the FB and someone posted a picture of the ones they made. She did a fantastic job and I am quite sure that my first attempt will not turn out that good but I am willing to give it a shot! I am going to make the pink tankini and the wrap. Not sure what color I’ll make the wrap but the suit is probably going to be black. …although I did see the amazing citrus orange in Joann’s the other day…but I think it too closely resembled a traffic cone for my liking…just sayin’.

Tomorrow is going to be another fun filled Silhouette day. Who knows, maybe tomorrow I’ll have a project that is worth a pic or two!

Stay tuned!!!

signature-vector cropped


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