Easter is always a busy time for everyone. We did manage to get LM to his first Easter egg hunt on Saturday! It seems like every year someone is sick and we have not been able to go until this year. I didn’t get sick until Sunday. 😦 But in the midst of all the busy-ness, I did manage to get a couple projects done!

I’m still learning some things on the Silhouette but I think I am getting the hang of it! I have watched about a week’s worth of YouTube videos in 2 days! There are some truly excellent tutorials and videos out there. Kuddos to those who do that stuff and if you ever doubted whether or not you were reaching anyone…well I have watched you. At least once-some of you 8 times.


He is just too cute!!!! I can’t stand it!!!


I wanted to make LM something cute to wear to the family Easter lunch…and I was dying to try out my heat transfer set…so I put together a little design for him! I was proud because, outside of the sunglasses, everything is my own creation!




These sunglasses were so dang cute! I hate that I could not use them with the HTV. I had a few problems with the cutter so I had to change the glasses. I have since figured out how to make it work so I will be finding a project to use these glasses on as soon as possible!





The final product was not too bad! The shirt turned out to be too big for LM though even after pre-washing and drying so I guess it will have to wait until next year!


This week our students and faculty are out for Spring Break. Staff had today off so I spent the day crafting and Silhouetting…

Took a lot of time to research embroidery…more on that later… And a little bit of time to create a few more designs and decorate a couple onesies!

FullSizeRender 7




love Dirty Dancing and I saw this sweet little tribute on Facebook the other day so I figured I would try my hand at it!

FullSizeRender 6




I bought some red glitter and gold glitter HTV from Joann’s the other day and I think it did perfectly!



I go back to work tomorrow but I am going to take Wednesday off again since that is the hubby’s last day before going back to school. Maybe I’ll get some more crafting done that day. Maybe…since there is an exciting special delivery coming that day!!! Can’t wait!!! Stay tuned!!!

signature-vector cropped





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