The New Logo

The new logos are up on the new site! Head on over and check them out!

Now that the move is official and the logos are finalized, I won’t be writing on this blog¬†anymore.

Please save the new website to your favorites, and follow me on bloglovin’ and on social media so you can keep up with the newest “goings on!”

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See you soon!

The Move..

Needle Knows Design is officially up and running!

A couple weeks ago I made an announcement. Like many other things I attempt to pursue, they do not turn out the way that I plan them to. So I have spent a couple weeks away from the blog-partly trying to organize the new site, working on designs to sell, and working on the rebrand items including the logos and colors.

While I still do not have all of that worked out, I cannot keep putting off the launch of the new site.

So take a minute and head on over!

So disorganized…

I never can figure out exactly how this happens. I walk in, look at the room in utter bewilderment, and realize that the reason I have not been in the shop is because I am totally intimidated by the disorganization. It’s like any time something needs to be out of the way in the house we just throw it my shop “for the time being.” The time always winds up being much longer than it should be.

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