Something new on the way…

Last week I picked up the paper…something I never do!

On the front page was a headline that caught my eye. Reminding me of some current activities in my own life, I started reading the article.

As it turns out, a new business has opened in my area. A new business with a similar trade. With a similar name.  So similar in fact, I was very upset. So upset that for a moment, I allowed myself to think that this venture of mine really was not going to get off the ground at all.

But sometimes in life God gives us people at the right time to be in the right place to say the right things. Just such a moment came about for me. My sweet friend made me get up and get to brainstorming a new name! When I really started thinking about it, this actually is a really great thing for me! The short version is that my business is expanding to encompass more than I originally envisioned – and that’s an awesome thing! So I need a name that reflects that new vision.

So today,after a week of searching and brainstorming… in another one of those well placed moments, one of my friends shared her thoughts… The heavens opened, doves floated down and I think I could hear the sounds of cherubs singing…

Well not really but almost!

So I am beyond excited to share that, although it is very sad to think about, Stitches, Seams & Sass will moving aside to make way for …well, you’ll see.

On June 1, the new site will launch! I’m

planning a give away and some other cool things that you will NOT want to miss! So stay tuned! It’s going to be epic!!!

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Springing Into Summer (See what I did there?!)

This year is the first year in a long time that I can remember having a true spring. Cool mornings, warm afternoons, a brisk twilight – too brisk for bugs. (If you’ve known me for more than 10 minutes you know about my sincere dislike of bugs.) In NC we don’t usually get spring for more than…a day. But this year, Spring lasted right up until a week or so ago!

But today, man! 90 degrees! Now, I happen to like hot weather…well until it gets too hot and then not so much. right now it’s beautiful outside and I’m so glad to be able to get out and enjoy it.

So I have been MIA for a little while. In a word guaranteed to give you chills and make babies cry… “Statistics.” Continue reading

The Liebster Award

I’m totally honored! Damaris over at STYLED2Z nominated me for the Liebster Award!!! I have to admit, I was not really sure what it was but I did a little bit of research and the Liebster Award is given to new bloggers by other bloggers who have been nominated to receive it. It is an oportunity to show some love to your fellow bloggers, drive some site traffic and recognize the effort of others! And since I am just starting out with my blogging, this is a really awesome thing for me! It means that someone else besides me not only knows where my blog is, but that they might even have read a few words! Eek!!! Continue reading