Something new on the way…

Last week I picked up the paper…something I never do!

On the front page was a headline that caught my eye. Reminding me of some current activities in my own life, I started reading the article.

As it turns out, a new business has opened in my area. A new business with a similar trade. With a similar name.  So similar in fact, I was very upset. So upset that for a moment, I allowed myself to think that this venture of mine really was not going to get off the ground at all.

But sometimes in life God gives us people at the right time to be in the right place to say the right things. Just such a moment came about for me. My sweet friend made me get up and get to brainstorming a new name! When I really started thinking about it, this actually is a really great thing for me! The short version is that my business is expanding to encompass more than I originally envisioned – and that’s an awesome thing! So I need a name that reflects that new vision.

So today,after a week of searching and brainstorming… in another one of those well placed moments, one of my friends shared her thoughts… The heavens opened, doves floated down and I think I could hear the sounds of cherubs singing…

Well not really but almost!

So I am beyond excited to share that, although it is very sad to think about, Stitches, Seams & Sass will moving aside to make way for …well, you’ll see.

On June 1, the new site will launch! I’m

planning a give away and some other cool things that you will NOT want to miss! So stay tuned! It’s going to be epic!!!

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It’s Time to Begin!


Yesterday kicked off our January read through the Bible challenge in Exodus 1 with Courtney over at Women Living Well! I don’t know why but I am really excited about the opportunity to do this and to read through the Bible with some awesome ladies…that I just met! It seems really weird but I have had the opportunity to cross paths with some pretty awesome people in the last couple weeks! It has been neat to step out and meet some new folks who share some of my interests and life happenings. …That is going to be increasingly important in the coming months… Continue reading


They say the third time’s a charm and that’s what I’m hoping.

I started this blog a few months ago, registered the domain, started blogging away and then mysteriously got locked out. I couldn’t figure it out and I couldn’t get in. As I usually do when I can’t figure something out, I enlisted the help of someone smarter than me. He wasn’t able to figure out what was going on either. Then just as mysteriously, on a whim one day I decided to try logging in and – it worked! I was about to log in, make a post, and then…I was locked out again. I just got so frustrated with the whole thing that I decided to delete it altogether and start again. The blog was still young so I didn’t lose a lot of content. So now I’m trying again. Continue reading